No 'Health Guru' is Teaching this System

The Alkalising & Healing Nutrition Solution

Are you tired of been sick?

Still not getting long lasting results?

Do you want increase in your ENERGY LEVELS and take your HEALTH to the next level as FAST as possible?

Do you want Phil to be by your side every single STEP of the way until you get there?


Phil put together this 12 Week Program that not only is healing his own rare Autoimmune Condition, Vitiligo, it’s helping many other people heal their inflammatory autoimmune diseases as well as jump starting their metabolism, including improving hair, skin, nails, internal health and slowing the aging process.


When you get started on this 12 Week Program, we get your body in repair mode with anti-inflammatory nutrition, lifestyle changes and support. You will do this all in the comfort of your home while Phil ‘Holds Your Hand’ and guides you throughout the whole process so you ‘Stay on the Wagon’ to get you in the best possible health by:-


Alkalising Your Thoughts - Healing starts with a single thought and is solidified with a disciplined mind.

Alkalising Your Environment - Surround yourself with life and feel your body to thrive.

Alkalising Your Body - Optimise your cells intelligence and gain the health you deserve.

Phil will guide you on which foods to eat to get your nutrition right, mindset changes to overcome obstacles, forming new habits that stick, other detoxing methods to fast track your results, reducing toxicity levels starting with your home, grounding the body and establishing simplicity in your life to ensure you THRiVE.


You will have exclusive access to Phil during the 12 Week Program by means of email, messenger or text. Phil will meet with you to create your own Personalised Alkalising & Healing Nutrition Solution as well as check in with you via Zoom to problem solve any bumps along the way to optimise your plan by making adjustments to ensure your success. Also, to get all your questions answered and all the support you need from Phil.


Many people experience:-
   Decreased pain

   Heaps more energy

   Better moods

   Increased mobility

   Better sleep

   Increased libido

   Brighter eyes

   Better skin
   Better digestion and heaps more…


If you want to get real long lasting results, cross the finish line, get your life back and overhaul your health back as quickly as possible then this program is for YOU!

What's Included

  • 12 'One on One Video Calls’ with Phil to provide you with a personalised solution, support, accountability and to get all your questions answered

  • Access to 'Recorded Video Group Calls' for ongoing education

  • A Personlised 'Alkalising and Healing Nutrition Solution' designed for you by Phil

  • Instructional videos to guide you through my 'Alkalising and Healing Nutrition Solution'

  • A simple approach to healing following the ancient wisdom of foods with a modern day health hack

  • Combinations of specific food signature blends to accelerate your healing

  • Workbook to log everything you eat to submit to Phil daily

  • Facebook Group Access to receive support, keep yourself accountable, and access to extra healing tools and videos

  • Integrative tools to help you continue implementing these changes supporting your health progress

What You Will Receive

  • 12 'One on One Video Calls' with Phil - Value $4,764

  • The Alkalising & Healing Nutrition Solution - Value $497

  • The Healing Nutrition Solution - Value $497

  • How to Get Started the Right Way Instructional Video - Value $397

  • Health Hacks Video to Help You Fast Track Your Healing - Value $397

  • 5 Part Video Series 'The Autoimmune Myth Revealed' - Value $497

  • 9 Day Detoxing System - Value $297

  • Detoxing Instrustional Video - Value $397

  • Detoxing Kit - Value $97

  • BONUS Water Fillter - Value $4,980

  • BONUS Shower Fillter - Value $2,890

  • BONUS Anti-Inflamation Tea (4 Months) - Value $760

  • BONUS Bloodwork Analysis - Value $997

  • BONUS Yummy easy to make Recipes

  • BONUS Facebook Community & Ongoing Support

  • BONUS Daily access to Phil to guide you through your healing journey

  • BONUS 4 Sessions when paid upfront - Value $1,588

  • Total Value - $19,055

  • 3 Monthly Payments of $5,750

  • Payment TODAY - $14,997

Alkalising & Healing Solution

*Only take One Client every 2 Months!


More People Getting More Real Results

After struggling with Colitis for over 7 years and been in and out of hospital a number of times was tough for me. But after working with Phil for just 6 weeks my digestion is amazing and can eat all the foods have been missing all these years

Wagar A

Personal Trainer

For over 10 years suffering with Acid Reflux I was drinking a weekly bottle of gaviscon to keep it all under control. In a few weeks can now enjoy foods like pizza with zero reflux and I'm feeling great. Thank you Phil you a real blessing.

Andy O


I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. But now have increased energy, experience less chronic pain and numbness. My vision has improved and now I'm pregnant against all odds.

Ashley B

Restaurant Owner

Was 'advised' to remove my over active Thyroid, but Phil helped my understand my condition, and in a few months of following his protocol my Thyroid is now in normal ranges.

Lea S



*Looking forward to getting the Real Results you desire!

TOTAL Value $19,055

USD $14,997

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who Can Get onto the Program?

    A: Anyone who has a heartbeat and over the age of 18 can get started.

  • Q: Is there some Restrictive Diet?

    A: There are some basic food changes one can make to enhance your healing process. But nothing drastic like some new year craze of counting calories and chewing on cardboard.

  • Q: Can I Leave the House?

    A: You will still be able to function in your daily life unlike many other programs out there where you are stuck on the 'porcelain throne' all day blasting your ass off. 

  • Q: Where do you Ship to?

    A: There is no country we have not been able to ship to thus far.

  • Q: How Can I Connect with Phil?

    A: When you start, you'll get an email to access Phil's diary to connect with him.

  • Q: You're Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

    A: The short answer is yes, you can get started. But always check with your doctor before commencing any new health program.

  • Q: What if I'm on Medication?

    A: It's advisable to check with your doctor before starting any new health journey. In saying that many, if not all, can get started on the program.

  • Q: What if I Require more Support?

    A: Wait we got you covered!
    When you get started you will be invited to a Private Facebook Community to offer you FREE ongoing support to fast track your healing journey. 


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