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Simple Solutions to Help Your Body Thrive

The Immune Boosting Solution is a Transformation Coaching Program for men and women, young and aged, who want a NATURAL healing solution that gets results without SPENDING THOUSANDS a month on lotions, potions, pills, powders and supplements.

This is also for Mums and Dads who want to set a good example for their children and is also for you if you want to increase your energy levels.


Using his Healing Nutrition & Alkalising Protocol, combined with Emotional Intelligence & Movement Nutrition Practices, clients achieve massive results in reversing symptoms of autoimmune disease, acid reflux to MS, and everything in between.


In this one-of-a-kind Program, you'll learn the Immune Boosting Solution, where Phil will show you step-by-step how you can get your cells from being stagnant and “locked up” to breathing and efficient all with the help of plant food nutrition and minerals.
During the program, you will be introduced to Daina - Body Relationship Coach, who deals with all things Movement, Connection, and Play. Healing is all-encompassing, and should be approached with an investigative mind. Phil and Daina both help you become your very own health detective, hard-wired to identify areas of ease and opportunity. Once you understand this, you will never look at healing the same again…
When you join you’ll have ongoing access to the information you learn via our personalised platforms to keep your health at an optimal level, even in years to come.
You can expect to have MORE ENERGY, increased mental clarity, calmer state of being, and have a deeper understanding of what food combinations work for you.


This a beautiful life changing story from Shelley on how she set out to help reduce the inflammation in her body on our Immune Boosting Solution Program, but did not expect this to happen.
Shelley sustained a head injury at 11 years old when she was struck with a baseball which left her in a coma. As you can imagine she had tubes in her throat to keep her alive leaving scarring as well as damaging her vocal cords and leaving her with only 15% of her airway to breathe.
With only a small amount of airway capacity, Shelley gets pretty puffed doing any physical activity. Even an uphill walk can be challenging for her.
I'll let Shelley share the rest of her journey on how she is finding her uphill walk becoming so much easier in a matter of 4 days and in her own words, "It's life changing for me" ❤️

Topics We Cover

  • How 'Unlocking' the cells is the missing link to healing

  • Why stress plays a major role in disease

  • Getting into a true state of alkalinity

  • How Omega 3's assist the body to heal and loose fat

  • Foods are linked to the organs

  • Food combinations can accelerate healing

  • The lines on your face are telling you something

  • How water may be making you sick

  • Getting the right minerals from food

  • Why supplements are not the answer

  • How trapped emotions play a role in healing


  • One on One Coaching Calls providing support and accountability

  • Group Q & A Calls to get all your questions answered

  • Access to Online Membership Portal

  • Video Tutorials to support you through the process

  • PDF Downloads for ease of Reference

  • Private Facebook Group Support

NOW Enrolling for Group Starting

7th NOVEMBER 2021

*Registration Closes with Full Payment by 31st OCTOBER 2021


Immune Boosting Solution Selection

Select YOUR Program that's right for YOU

Starter Package

6 Week Program

Includes 21 Day Email Prep

Live Group Q & A Calls

Access to Membership Portal

Alkalising Solution Shipped to You

4 Pillars of Cellular Respiration

Healing Nutrition Guidelines & Signatures

Stress Resolution Tools

Group Support

BONUS Intro to Lymphatics

FREE Recipe Book

Value $2,997


*Australian Dollars

*Payment Plan Option Available

Ultimate Package

9 Week Program


Live Group Q & A Calls

3 One on One Coaching Calls with Phil

3 One on One Coaching Calls with Daina

Daily Accountability Checklist

Cellular Blueprint Report

Finding Your Magic Why

Understanding the Role of Stress

Health Detective Training

Identity the Issues in the Tissues

Understanding Your Blood Markers

Practical Exercises for Lymph Flow

Timeline Wisdom Work

Step Down and Maintenance

Posture Assessment

How to Write Your Story

Movements for Healing Organs

Daily Support

Value $8,997


*Australian Dollars

*Payment Plan Option Available

NOW Enrolling for Group Starting

7th NOVEMBER 2021

*Registration Closes with Full Payment by 31st OCTOBER 2021


What Others Are Saying


  • Q: Who Can Join The Program?

    A: Anyone who has a heartbeat and over the age of 18 years can join.

  • Q: Is there some Restrictive Diet?

    A: There are some basic food changes one can make to enhance your healing process. But nothing drastic like some new year craze of counting calories and chewing on cardboard.

  • Q: Can I Leave the House?

    A: You will still be able to function in your daily life unlike many other programs out there where you are stuck on the 'porcelain throne' all day blasting your ass off. 

  • Q: Where do you Ship to?

    A: There is no country we have not been able to ship to thus far.

  • Q: How Can I Access the Membership Area?

    A: When you get started onto any of the programs, you'll get access to the Membership Area.

  • Q: You're Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

    A: The short answer is yes, you can get started. But always check with your doctor before commencing any new health program.

  • Q: What if I'm on Medication?

    A: It's advisable to check with your doctor before starting any new health journey. In saying that many, if not all, can get started on the program.

  • Q: What if I Require more Support?

    A: Wait we have got you covered!
    When you get started you will be invited to a Private Facebook Community to offer you FREE ongoing support to fast track your healing journey.

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