Specialising In Healing Autoimmunity

Are you tired of been sick?


Want results without lotions, potions, pills or supplements?


Want a personalised support program and get your life back?

Feel Better Than You Have In Years

  • Better Sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and you take control of your day.

  • Increased Energy, oxygen to cells is key to energy and alkalinity oxygenates your cells.

  • Better Digestion, start pooping like a trooper. If you are backed up, you are literally full of 'it'.

  • Feel Better in your Clothes, a great excuse to go shopping for a new wardrobe. 

  • More Mental Clarity, make that brain fog something of the past!

  • Increased Muscle Recovery, get more out of your training sessions in less time.

  • Increased Labido, get the blood flowing to your bits and rock the night away.

  • Real Detox, cleanse your cells from the core is key to reversing any Autoimmune Dis-ease.

What Others Are Saying

Meet Phil

Phil is an Alkalising Specialist, Transformational Health Coach & International Speaker, who is overcoming his own Autoimmune Dis-ease.

Phil teaches people to think outside of the 'Health Box' and get their life back.

Many are challenged by his teachings but they are achieving real results.

Phil's mission is for everyone to be free of their Autoimmune Dis-ease. On his program he guides you through your health challenges and uncovers the real root cause of your Autoimmune Dis-ease.

It's your time to THRiVE! 

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Just as one of my clients said, ‘It’s so refreshing to work with someone who actually gives a shit’


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