No 'Health Guru' is Teaching this System

15th February 

11:00 Eastern Standard Time USA



This Live 90 Min Workshop introductory program is for men and women, young and aged, who want a NATURAL healing solution that gets results FAST without SPENDING THOUSANDS a month on lotions, potions, pills and supplements...

In this one-of-a-kind Live 90 Min Workshop, you'll be taught step-by-step what I achieved to reverse my symptoms of an Autoimmune Disease, Vitiligo. Interestingly enough was told there is nothing we can do for me. Well the results speak for themselves and even the effected hair went from been white to been dark again!

I now dedicate helping others heal from many other Autoimmune Disease using this solution too...
And... not a single health "guru" teaches - this system.
You'll learn step-by-step how I get your cells from being stagnant and “locked up” to breathing and efficient… all with the help of plant food nutrition, minerals and lots of support. Once you understand this, you will not look at healing the same again...

Ultimately the introductory Live 90 Min Workshop will get you in the starting blocks to help get your life back and limited to 20 people so you get more bang for your buck.


By the end of the Live 90 Min Workshop you will gain a better understanding what food combinations work for you, how all types stress impact your wellbeing, the real cause of all autoimmune diseases and how you can heal yourself without lotions, potions, pills and supplements.

Feel Better Than You Have In Years

  • Better Sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and you take control of your day.

  • Increased Energy, oxygen to cells is key to energy and alkalinity oxygenates your cells.

  • Better Digestion, start pooping like a trooper. If you are backed up, you are literally full of 'it'.

  • Feel Better in your Clothes, a great excuse to go shopping for a new wardrobe. 

  • More Mental Clarity, make that brain fog something of the past!

  • Increased Muscle Recovery, get more out of your training sessions in less time.

  • Increased Labido, get the blood flowing to your bits and rock the night away.

  • Real Detox, cleanse your cells from the core is key to reversing any Autoimmune Dis-ease.

What Others Are Saying

Since birth Megan struggled with a number of skin related issues that left her home bound wearing a body wrap to protect and hydrate her skin. Even the slightest of bumps caused infection and occasionally was a hospital visit.

Megan saw a number of local and international specialists over the years and was left with no real solution..

After 12 hours of bathing in an alkalising solution it reduced the inflammation on her skin, we amended her diet and 6 weeks later you would not even know she had any skin related condition.

She now eats all the foods she was once told to avoid and all her allergies symptoms are now gone.

But for Megan getting out the house and doing what every 14 year old can do is priceless!

Jonothan had been battling with psoriasis for over 30 years and tried all types of treatments which gave him little to no results. The only solution for him was to wear a cap to hide it as it was affecting his confidence more than anything.


He was also modelling and having psoriasis limited him with the type of 'shoots' he was offered as many would comment about his condition.


We got to work and helped him get his body into a true state of alkalinity, as well as made some food adjustments.

3 weeks later he has no need to wear a cap, has more opportunity for better 'shoots' and his confidence is at an all time high.

Phil (This is me) suffered from this so called untreatable autoimmune condition called vitiligo. When I was diagnosed, all my confidence was smacked right out me in an instant.


I was told 'Here is some cream and stay out the sun'. Well, that was the start to prove them all wrong. So for many years did my own research and study and nearly gave up. 


For years I avoided the sun. This not only affected me, it affected my kids as they wanted nothing more than to spend time with me on the beach in summer.

It was when discovered how to get the body in a true state of alkalinity and getting the right food combinations without the use of supplements. This is where everything changed. The white affected hair as gone back to being dark again which is never heard of with any vitiligo treatment. Now my kids are happy that I can spend time at the beach with them without having to worry about my skin.

What We Will 'Un'Cover

  • You will learn which 3 foods from your local supermarket that can reduce inflammation and accelerate your healing.

  • Phil goes through 3 popular healing trends (Paleo, ACV and celery juice...) and you will see why they are doing you more harm than good and will show you alternatives that are giving real results.

  • Stress (Mental, emotional, physical, environmental..) causes acid in the body leading to disease. You will learn how to identify your stresses as well as to minimise and eliminate them. This is key to healing any autoimmune disease.

  • And finally an opportunity to get all your questions answered

What You Will Receive

  • Group 90 min video call with Phil - Value $497

  • BONUS Stress Audit - Value $197

  • BONUS Facebook Community Support

  • Total Value - $694

  • Payment TODAY - $97


*LiVE 15th February 11am EST USA


More People Getting More Real Results

After struggling with Colitis for over 7 years and been in and out of hospital a number of times was tough for me. But after working with Phil for just 6 weeks my digestion is amazing and can eat all the foods have been missing all these years

Wagar A

Personal Trainer

For over 10 years suffering with Acid Reflux I was drinking a weekly bottle of gaviscon to keep it all under control. In a few weeks can now enjoy foods like pizza with zero reflux and I'm feeling great. Thank you Phil you a real blessing.

Andy O


I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. But now have increased energy, experience less chronic pain and numbness. My vision has improved and now I'm pregnant against all odds.

Ashley B

Restaurant Owner

Was 'advised' to remove my over active Thyroid, but Phil helped me understand my condition, and in a few months of following his protocol my Thyroid is now in normal ranges.

Lea S



*LiVE on 15th February 11am EST USA

TOTAL Value $694

USD $97

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Meet Phil

Phil is an Alkalising Specialist, Transformational Health Coach & International Speaker, who is overcoming his own Autoimmune Dis-ease.

Phil teaches people to think outside of the 'Health Box' and get their life back.

Many are challenged by his teachings but they are achieving real results.

Phil's mission is for everyone to be free of their Autoimmune Dis-ease. On his program he guides you through your health challenges and uncovers the real root cause of your Autoimmune Dis-ease.

It's your time to THRiVE! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who Can Get onto the Program?

    A: Anyone who has a heartbeat and over the age of 18 can get started.

  • Q: Is there some Restrictive Diet?

    A: There are some basic food changes one can make to enhance your healing process. But nothing drastic like some new year craze of counting calories and chewing on cardboard.

  • Q: Can I Leave the House?

    A: You will still be able to function in your daily life unlike many other programs out there where you are stuck on the 'porcelain throne' all day blasting your ass off. 

  • Q: Where do you Ship to?

    A: There is no country we have not been able to ship to thus far.

  • Q: How Can I Connect with Phil?

    A: You can connect with Phil via email or other social media platforms. Understand he is super busy and will respond in 48 hours.

  • Q: You're Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

    A: The short answer is yes, you can get started. But always check with your doctor before commencing any new health program.

  • Q: What if I'm on Medication?

    A: It's advisable to check with your doctor before starting any new health journey. In saying that many, if not all, can get started on a program.

  • Q: What if I Require more Support?

    A: When you get started on one of Phil' programs you will be invited to a Private Facebook Community to offer you FREE ongoing support to fast track your healing journey. 


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