About Phil

Phil had a life changing experience 20 years ago when he lost his brother of 28 to brain cancer. As much as it was very traumatic watching his parents say goodbye to their son, it made him question what happened and this is when it all began.


While on this health journey Phil developed Psoriasis which did not make any sense to him as he had already made some major lifestyle and diet changes. He knew that all the creams lotions and potions would just mask the real issue that lay within.

Phil led with his 'gut feeling' knowing the answer lay within the body. So back to the drawing board he went and decided to do extensive digestive cleansing which reversed all symptoms of his Psoriasis.


Phil used to be a Financial Planner and helped customers obtain life insurance. And what has life insurance got to do with health you may be asking? Well, one needs to pass medical tests to obtain cover and some of his customers where not successful. Phil pointed them in the right direction to assist them to make healthier changes and much to his surprise many of them obtained the cover.


It was then that he knew he was onto something awesome and realised he could help many more than just his customers.

But later Phil developed another Autoimmune Disease called Vitiligo (Loss of pigmentation of the skin) which took a lot of out of him mentally and emotionally. But with all his years of research, studying of numerous health certificates, advanced diplomas and his personal experience Phil’s Vitiligo is reversing itself.


A lot of what he shares about getting the body in a true state of alkalinity challenges all we know and believe to be true. All that matters to Phil is that people are getting results, obtaining better health, having more energy, waking up with purpose, reversing their symptoms of their Autoimmune Diseases and been a better version of themselves. 


He now believes out of the "the mess" of his brother's passing was a real message and a true blessing, allowing Phil to find HIS PURPOSE TO HELP MANY with his knowledge, heart and passion.

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